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The Benefits and Drawbacks of Technology


Undeniably, the rapid evolution of technology has brought enormous benefits to the world’s population. However, it has also brought its drawbacks along. Moving further, below, we take a deep look at the advantages and disadvantages of technology.



Benefits of Technology


Better Communication System

Technology allows people to communicate more quickly due to the availability of the internet and mobile data. People do not have to wait for days to receive a phone call from someone abroad. They can use free applications such as Whatsaap to communicate in an instant.

Quick and Faster Information Obtainable

If you need information, you don’t need to open an encyclopedia or read huge books to do so. You can obtain almost every piece of information you need on the internet in a few clicks. For instance, if you wish to learn how to cook a recipe, you can easily find it on Google Search.

Drawbacks of Technology

Risk of Losing Getting Hacked and Scammed

When using the internet, you can never be sure of when someone can hack your accounts, especially your bank account, or when someone will see you as prey to scam you. For instance, anyone can publish a fake Ad on Facebook, pretending to sell something which usually is at a higher price. Then, you will be their targeted customers to pay them for the product, but afterward, you receive nothing.

Addiction Leading to Unhealthy Habits

Technological devices such as mobile phones, laptops, TV, or Playstation can be incredibly addictive, leading people to become lazier and live an unhealthier life. Additionally, this can lead to severe health conditions in the future, such as having eyesight problems or muscular body strains.

A Decline in Manual Labour Force

With the advancement of technology, the requirement of human force has been reduced, thus resulting in employment for many people.