Kathleen Furey

Kathleen Furey works with the litigation group Baum, Hedlund, Aristei & Goldman, PC, which recently sued agri-chemical company Monsanto in San Francisco, alleging that a weedkiller known as glyphosate caused the cancer of a local groundskeeper.

Furey had been paving the way for the lawsuit long before that, engaging in a series of smear tactics against the science community since at least 2009 under her Clean Food/ Clean Food Earth/ Clean Food Earth Woman social media accounts.

In one example from 2009, she moderated a panel hoping to promote fear and doubt about the science consensus.

Baum, Hedlund has not replied to requests to state for the record whether or not they know of Furey’s defamation tactics against scientists and journalists, and if that is part of a task that has been assigned to her.

They link to her claims and promote her social media posts frequently, and she has over 10,000 posts engaging in this libelous behavior, including endorsements of their law firm, so if she is also deceiving them by keeping her social media activities hidden, she may have a larger problem in the future.