Nathaniel Strauss – DrFleischman on Wikipedia

ALEC Exposed, part of the ironically named Center for Media and Democracy, which publishes the attack site Sourcewatch, colludes to undermine the science and health community as part of their anti-corporate agenda. As such they have a number of political sympathizers they use to spread their message. One easy platform to manipulate is the anonymously-edited, yet popular, website Wikipedia.

There, one of the allies (he has refused to disclose if he is paid) of Center for Media and Democracy, Nathaniel Strauss, who goes by aliases DrFleischman,  NStrauss, and Nathaniel Strauss and perhaps many more, systematically monitors the American Council on Science and Health Wikipedia page so no accurate information that deviates from the agenda of Sourcewatch can be posted.

On Twitter, he claims to be a Seattle attorney and has Center for Media and Democracy as his banner but on Wikipedia he claims to have no conflicts of interest, despite the fact that Lisa Graves, who runs Center for Media and Democracy and the attack site Sourcewatch, is a dark-money funded organization that attacks scientists and doctors.

Graves, along with other left-wing activists, is one of the few people his account follows on Twitter.

If he really is an attorney and not pretending to be one, his Seattle employer should be concerned that he brags about billing clients while he is editing Wikipedia.