Astronomy Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About: A Complete Guide


Science is a lot more than what you think you might know about it. Astronomy is no exception either. Several facts about astronomy will surprise you and you probably had no idea about them! If you are interested in the topic of astronomy, it will be fun getting to know more information like this about it. Keep reading to find out some astronomy facts you had no of! 



Astronomy facts that might surprise you include 


The Sun Is Huge 

Although humans cannot look at it very long, they know that the sun appears to be a little circle in the sky shining from morning to evening. However, what you didn’t know was that the sun is three times the size of the Earth. Sounds shocking, but it is true. Even though humans see it as a super small ball shining in the sky, the sun can fit about a million piles of earth inside. Plus, if we did not have the sun, the Earth would be a pitch-black planet with absolutely no light. 

The Stars Are Super Old

Probably the craziest fact about astronomy is that the stars you see today were probably trying to reach the Earth for six-seven thousand lightyears. Since light takes time to reach the Earth, it is possible that the stars humans get to see are all very much dead. So basically, the stars we view today are probably billions of years old! How crazy is that? 

Earth Is Slower

From the time of the dinosaurs living on Earth, a normal day would last only 23 hours. Sounds insane, right? Today, a normal day will last 24 hours or longer, depending on the weather and place. Clearly, the planet is getting slower with age. 


These are some of the craziest astronomy facts! Which one was the most shocking for you?